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Swift 3D enables the user to create 3D objects quickly and easily to use them in Flash animations. The programs resembles 3D Studio and other similar software.
Swift 3D comes with a scene editor (when you place and animate objects), an extrusion editor (to create the shape of the basic objects), an advanced modeler and a preview section.

I tested previous versions of Swift 3D before and I have to say that the program itself hasn't changed much. But since then, I have found these improvements:

* Setup will automatically search for Flash versions MX or higher and install the Swift 3D plugin, so it is available when using Flash.
* The importer enables Flash to import Swift 3D's new layered export format (.SWFT) as a symbol in the Flash library.
* A new technology called 'SmartLayer ' provides a new 3D compositing environment within Flash.

The only limitation of Swift 3D is that the program will not generate an actual file after rendering. Nor can we export models from the program in either of the 3d formats. We can still choose any combination of the Output Options and view the output via the Preview System, which is an accurate rendition of what our final rendered file will look like.

Review summary


  • Great features
  • Easy to use


  • The price is a little high, yet reasonable for this type of software
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